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Xfinity has everything the family needs for fun and entertainment. Their products and services are affordably priced, but provide service quality and reliability that other providers cannot offer.

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Xfinity TV Plans

They can give your family with over 250 channels in HD or digital formatting. These channels carry a wide variety of programming for the children and adults in the home. Xfinity also offers a variety of programming packages that allow you to decide which you want to pay in which you want to watch. They also offer premium movie and sports packages that can help catered to the specific entertainment needs of your family. These programming packages come with additional features that add value and entertainment options. Click to find the best Xfinity Package Deals!

These features include Pay Per View and On Demand, with the DVR. Pay Per View provides exciting live action events, broadcast in real time. This allows the family to watch them as they happen. Pay Per View delivers front row seats to some of the biggest events of the year, from locations found all over the world. These events include UFC fights, music and comedy events, pro golfing and more.

On Demand is a digital library that can provide over 10,000 viewing selections in addition to the programming found in the channel package. The selections can include children's programming, sports, network programs and more, including newly released movies. On Demand can deliver some of the most anticipated movies of the year, without the theater prices.

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On Demand and Pay Per View selections can be viewed with the benefit of the DVR. Whether you're watching a newly released movie or a live event, the DVR can rewind, pause and fast forward the programming so that you can make instant replays, pause your program for a snack or fast forward through commercials. The DVR is a digital video recorder that is also capable of recording on multiple channels at one time. This ensures that everyone gets to watch their favorite programs when they get home from work in school. The DVR can record up to 60 hours of programming so that everyone has room for their favorite shows.

Xfinity Promotions can also deliver high-speed Internet Services at a great rate. These services are up to eight times faster than DSL, and over 100 times faster than traditional dial up. This speed makes it easy to download music, games, movies and videos or to surf, bank, shop or do research for work or school. Xfinity also provides free online Security Software. This software protects the family and computer from identity theft, popups, viruses and spyware. They also provide online Parental Controls to help parents monitor online activities and block undesirable web content.

Xfinity TV Deals

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Xfinity also carries digital phone service. This service can provide unlimited local and long distance calling to any location in the United States or Canada. It also provides up to 12 calling features they can include call forwarding, call-waiting, three way calling, call return an anonymous call rejection. You can also get your voicemail needs met through Xfinity . Their unique voice mail feature provides instant e-mail notifications when a new voice mail is received. You can check a manager waste mail online, making it easy to get voicemail during extended trips from home.

The Xfinity Triple Play Bundle can help the family get quality programming, high-speed Internet and digital phone service for one low monthly price. Bundled prices make it easy to get three quality services, in one bill, from one proven provider.

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