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Xfinity Ohio wants to provide the best customers service experience possible. They do this with almost 60 years of service and experience, providing professionally trained customer care representatives and the most up-to-date technology and the most advanced digital services.

Ohio Xfinity TV currently offers more than 250 channels, offered in a variety of programming package to meet the specific needs of individual age groups and interests in the house. Xfinity has sports and movie premiums to choose from. They also have a wide selection of digital and HD channels that can benefit everyone. These channels have DIY shows, special interest programming, news, weather, history, children's programming and more, offering something for everyone. There are also music channels with videos of the latest songs from popular artists.

Xfinity OH also offers On Demand features that allow viewers to get the programming they want, when they want. Xfinity has over 10,000 viewing selections to choose from like music videos, sports programming, network shows and thousands of other choices that can entertain any time of the day or night. This allows viewers to go to work or school and watch their programming at their leisure. On Demand can also offer newly released movies, making it even easier to get quality entertainment 24/7. Find the best Ohio Xfinity TV Promotions now!

OH Xfinity High Speed Internet Service

Another great service that OH Xfinity has to offer is the Pay Per View feature. This feature is the viewer's instant access to programming from around the world. This programming is shown in real time, with minute-by-minute plays on all the live-action. These live action selections include professional boxing and wrestling matches, UFC fights and more, including live music and comedy events, speaking to the personal interests of the individual.

Ohio Xfinity can keep all of their services family-friendly with their Parental Controls. These Parental Controls can block programming found on the channel package and the programming stored on the DVR. These Parental Controls can keep the children on their channels and still allow parents the luxury of getting their programming.

The DVR is a digital video recorder. This piece of equipment revolutionized the way everyone watches their programming because the DVR can record and store programming until the viewer decides to watch it. The DVR can record on up to five channels at one time, or record programming on other channels while allowing viewers to watch other programming. Nobody has to miss a thing. The DVR can also be used to watch the programming on the On Demand and Pay Per View features. The DVR makes it possible to rewind, pause and fast forward through these selections, making it possible to get instant replays of the best scenes, pause to run an errand or get a snack or fast forward through commercials.

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Xfinity Ohio also offers broadband high-speed internet. This service makes it possible to get large downloads like music files, HD movies, online games and videos in seconds. This service also comes with free online security software that will protect the family from Identity Theft and spare the computer from viruses, spyware and popups. Ohio Xfinity Internet can also make the world wide web safer for the kids in the house by providing online Parental Controls. This makes it possible for parents to stay on top of the networking sites and online chats that their children are participating in, or to block undesirable web content.

To give the family the full package with digital voice services. These services include calling features like call forwarding, call waiting, three way calling, caller ID, call return and more, for up to 12 features in all. These features also come with digital voice mail that makes it possible to get voice messages online, conveniently making them available from any location in the world with internet access.

Xfinity OH is able to bring all of these services in one monthly package. The Xfinity Triple Play Bundle is the answer for getting three great services in one monthly bill.

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