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Long Island Medium Psychic TV Series


Theresa Caputo stars TLC's reality T.V. series Long Island Medium. Theresa claims to be a psychic or a medium who can communicate with members of the dead. Long Island Medium is produced by Magilla Entertainment and there are presently six seasons. The show debuted on September 25th, 2011 and the majority of the series is set in Hicksville New York but there are certain times when Caputo travels to other areas aside from Hicksville. Caputo has a husband (Larry Caputo) and two children (Larry Jr. and Victoria). Aside from Caputo Frank Marino has also made appearances in a couple of episodes of Long Island Medium.

Each episode involves different believers and skeptics as Caputo engages in private as well as group meetings. Caputo's alleged abilities come to light with each episode as she mentions things to her guests that only they could know. Caputo describes the ways in which those deceased lost their lives and she also conveys messages for the loved ones still alive.

There is a considerable degree of emotion and conflict resounding Long Island Medium. While the show has a good number of steady followers who ardently adore Caputo, there are also quite a few critics who bear down fiercely on Caputo, Long Island Medium, and TLC altogether. Reviews and opinions get a little fierce when it comes to the show. As an example of how hot and cold the show is received, take IMDb and While gives Long Island Medium a 8.6/10 stars IMDb gives it a 5.3/10 stars.

There have been people in Caputo's audience who claimed to be full skeptics before meeting her, and there are also self-proclaimed mediums who believe she is the real-deal. Much of her fan-base consists of decided believers who adore watching her at work and genuinely think that she can truly sense dead spirits. There are a number of her guests who have spoken openly about how Caputo has given them new faith in life, new direction, and lifted a weight off of their shoulders.

While some people have complete faith in the reality of Caputo's mediumship, there are certainly others just as certain and dedicated to the belief that Caputo is a fraud and essentially a charlatan. Just as some skeptics claim they were turned to believers, there have also been believers turned to skeptics. Many people believe she uses trickery such as cold reads, the Forer effect, and Googling her audience before they arrive in order to give the allusion of physic powers. They believe she takes advantage of her audience's vulnerability and eagerness to accept her as gifted.

A few question that maybe Caputo believes she herself is a medium even though it is primarily her own imagination. Some psychologists also argue that instead of moving into acceptance over a lost one, Caputo's psychic messages keep people trapped in their grief. Some sources claim that Caputo's standing and profession puts a strain on her relationship with her family. Whether or not you enjoy Long Island Medium or hate it depends primarily on your world view and personal opinions. 

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